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A quality rifle starts with a quality bolt carrier group.  We only use the highest of quality components, and we top it off with Sprinco ejector and extractor springs for extended service life. 

This bolt carrier group features an un-marked, clean, logo-less appearance.  Your rifle is NOT a billboard. ("MP" marked bolt.)

Your Sprinco-Enhanced BCG will arrive pre-lubricated with the ONLY lubricant we recommend here at BMF, and that is Sprinco Machine Gunner’s Lube.  We hand-massage this lubricant into each bolt carrier group prior to bagging and packaging so that all you need to do is drop it in when it arrives.


  • Manganese Phosphated Carpenter Tech. 158 Alloy Bolt
  • Manganese Phosphated AISI 8620 Alloy Steel Carrier w/Hard Chromed bore.
  • Hard-Chromed AISI 8640 Alloy Steel Firing Pin
  • Manganese Phosphated Carbon Steel Retaining Pin
  • Manganese Phosphated 4340 Chromoly Extractor
  • Manganese Phosphated S7 Ejector Pin
  • Manganese Phosphated 4130 Chromoly Gas Key
  • Manganese Phosphated 4340 Chromoly Cam Pin
  • Stainless Steel 3-Piece Gas Rings
  • Sprinco 4-coil extractor spring & Viton O-ring.*
  • Sprinco ejector spring.

Manufactured for us by an ANAB Accredited, ISO 9001:2015-certified U.S. supplier, and guaranteed to work every time you use your firearm.

No BS coatings, no cheap bolt material substitutions, no cut corners. This is the real deal. 

We DO NOT recommend using a one-piece helical gas ring with this bolt carrier group.  Our OEM has warned of possible premature wear from this modification, and because of this; we feel that we must in turn warn you as well.


*: We utilize the 4-coil Sprinco extractor spring as opposed to the 5-coil in order to preserve case-rims for those of you that reload.  The 4-coil spring matches the load of a standard "mil-spec" spring, and will also work well with 18"+ barrel lengths.  The 5-coil is a bit stouter, a bit more intolerant of tightly machined parts, and can be a little aggressive on case-rims.
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Industry best. If you own it, you know it. 5 stars.

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