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Our Enhanced Fire Control Group contains parts treated with Electroless Nickel-Polytetrafluoroethylene, (PTFE) which not only aids in corrosion resistance but also gives the treated parts a very lubricious feel to the touch.  The Nickel-PTFE coating is also quite noticeable when actuating the trigger too, as it gives a smooth-crisp break that is consistently around 6.5lbs.


  • Nickel PTFE-coated Hammer & Trigger
  • Disconnector
  • Disconnector, Hammer, & Trigger Springs
  • Axis Pins for Trigger & Hammer



Grease the metal to metal contact points prior to installing into your lower.


NOTE: We have been able to achieve a consistent 4.5lbs. pull weight when utilizing the JP Reliability Enhanced Spring Kit. (p/n: JPS3.5T) This was achieved with a brand-new, un-lubricated trigger. 

A sub-4lbs. pull weight is achievable through use of the JP Reduced Power Spring Kit, though we do not recommend running this particular hammer spring as ignition with NATO-spec or foreign ammunition is NOT guaranteed. ("Range Toys" Only.)
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